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Who is Prosperity Coaches?

Have you struggled to make things meet? Felt overwhelmed and trapped by your financial situation? Felt burnt out, overwhelmed, and confused? Have these negative feelings impact the relationships with those around you? 

We Have Been Where You Are Now! 

Fortunately, through our combined experience we have found ways to overcome these challenges and we want to help you to do the same! 

Prosperity Coaches Inc. has supported over 15,000 people on their journeys towards emotional and financial freedom and abundance. We began with 1-1 coaching and now have expanded our reach to serve more people through online programs. 

Our programs are designed to help you understand and overcome what has been sabotaging your success and support you to fill your life with abundance and happiness.

Meet The Coaches

Tessa Hayman

My journey into coaching started over a decade ago when looking for ways to deal with my anxiety and constant feelings of overwhelm. I wanted to bury my head in the sand and forget my problems, but I couldn't, they followed me everywhere I went. I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on counselling and therapy but after years without results, I gave up. I felt broken, unfixable and hopeless. These were the darkest days of my life and it eventually led to burning out as a registered nurse. 
One day while fighting with my spouse over the money I was spending, and unconsciously sabotaging my relationship, I realized something needed to change. I realized I was not being the leader of my own life and I wanted a better life where I could truly master my emotions and my money. I knew I needed help to do this, but from who? I spent the next several years researching and trying every tool, technique and strategy I could get my hands on. I've spent thousands learning from the most successful people on the planet and hiring coaches with proven track records to make the inner shifts I needed to see outer results. Gradually, the things I learned stacked up to help me live the joyful and abundant life I have now. 

My passion today is to save you the one thing you cannot replace, your time. I do this by sharing what I have learned so you can apply in weeks what took me years to discover. My mission is to help you grow and become the leader in your life and releasing self-sabotaging behaviours that have been holding you back for years. What do you say? Let's do this together!

Cindy Sawras

One of the greatest opportunities I have been given is the privilege to offer my clients a unique perspective on managing their relationship with money. Essentially, money is a necessity, however, very few of us have been given the tools we need to master our personal money monster.
As an employee for a major bank for 20 years and serving clients in the financial services industry with other corporations for a further 15 plus years, I learned a lot about how money works. Marketing often speaks to the goals of client first, however, my experience showed me the client only came first provided the company’s business plan was met. So, I asked myself, is the client truly first? There had to be a better way!

My personal journey includes many difficult financial and emotional challenges. I have been a single parent, remarried and raised a blended family and. I have also experienced bankruptcy despite being in the industry. On their own, these life events had the potential to cripple me, or any person, both financially and emotionally, however, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

These challenges along with decades of countless courses, books and expert mentorships have allowed me to thrive while I rebuilt my financial and emotional health. Most importantly the lessons I have learned lead me to develop the Prosperity Quotient, the key part of our Prosperity Coaches programs. This allows me to teach and protect my clients from making the same mistakes.

I look forward to guiding you along your path to emotional and financial health!

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